Kristalia Condominio

Kristalia is an Italian design company that best represents Italian know-how combined with distinct originality. When we started working with them, we immediately realized it was the kind of company ready to take on projects out of the box.

That is how CONDOMINIO was born: not only a project but a way for the company to express itself, communicate, show and sell products, and live in the design market with a distinctive positioning. We design the idea, its feasibility and strategy, build and coordinate the creative team, and develop all marketing & communication activities in a multi-level time plan.

Idea, Strategy and Direction: Strategic Footprints
Art Direction: Finemateria
Architecture & Set Design: Finemateria
Photographer: Luca A. Caizzi
Assistants Ph: Marcello Maranzan, Thomas Inghilterra
Director: Michele Foti
Assistant Director: Giacomo Colombo
Visual Design:
Production: Kristalia
Prop Styling & Styling: Giuditta Vettese with Chiara Talacci
3D Animation: NonFuturo