SUPERMOQUETTE – Besana Carpet Lab

Strategic Footprints was approached by Italian manufacturer Besana as a consultant to help the brand improve its image and the way it communicates its exquisite carpets and rugs.

After a two-year design consultancy, combined with in-depth market analysis, Strategic Footprints developed a strategy centered around the ‘Super Moquette’ concept. Strategic Footprints invited a team of designers to create a new tone of voice alongside visuals to use across digital and print. The project also included a business and marketing plan outlining a series of commercial actions for Besana to operate innovatively in the future.

With our support, after the SuperMoquette Book, Besana also launched its Design Manual, a new and innovative guide that demonstrates the many possibilities of furnishing an environment with carpeting, a functional and versatile textile capable of rapidly changing any type of environment.

Following this new course towards innovation, Strategic Footprints worked as international press office and PR on the organization and supervision of the booth Besana designed together with STUDIOBOOM for MDW22 to illustrate Besana’s expertise when it comes to manufacturing custom-made carpets and rugs.