FENIX and Arpa HPL

“The choice of being in an artisan studio has a precise meaning: it represents a place of “transformation” where raw material becomes a design piece.”
– Fuorisalone.it

Innovation, sustainability and durability, conjugated with craftsmanship and Made in Italy have always been the values of Arpa Industriale. During Milan Design Week these values were expressed through a narrative path where visitors were involved and were able to interact with surfaces, shapes and finishes.

The project was a journey into the “heart of FENIX and Arpa HPL”, enriched by the live transformations from material into form. The high level of interactivity between the visitor and the material immediately transformed the guest into the star of the project  “Transformaterials”.

Transformaterials is a project by DWA Design Studio
FENIX is an innovative merial from Arpa Industriale
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