EveryBODIES water by CRISTINA rubinetterie

“Intimacy, complicity, discovery and surprise: our relationship with water is a one of emotions, of experimentation through the senses, in particular through the contact with our skin.”
– Alessandro Gottardo

On the occasion of the Fuorisalone 2019, the showroom of CRISTINA rubinetterie became the stage of a visual story conceived by Naomi Hasuike with the illustrations by Alessandro Gottardo: an unpublished story that tells about water and its role in everyday life.

EveryBODIES Water was designed for the spaces of CRISTINA Brera: by involving young creative talents coming from different sectors, the company tells its personal relationship with water, adopting an ever-contemporary and innovative expressive language.

A visual project by Naomi Hasuike
Illustrations by Alessandro Gottardo
PR & Communication: Strategic Footprints