Bloc Studios at MDW19

“Passing from sculptural forms and shades of color and arriving to a game of elective affinities between elements that unite and detach from each other.”
– ViviMilano,

Bloc Studios presented three new series of objects created in collaboration with the designers Federica Elmo, Odd Matter and Studiopepe.

The new collections are a journey through sculptural forms, shades of color and games of elective affinities between elements that come together and apart to generate new shapes.

The project was immersed in the dreamlike installation created by Justin Morin and the textile company 4Spaces  at the new ALCOVA SASSETTI space.

A project by Bloc Studios 
Designs by Federica Elmo, Odd Matter and Studiopepe
PR & Communication: Strategic Footprints
Photo credits: Carl Kleiner