Metalmobil Press Breakfast at Strategic Footprints


All public and gathering spaces have become central to our lives, increasingly becoming emotional extensions of our own homes. These places stand out for their versatility in being able to meet the needs of customers that wish to maintain their everyday habits also in the public domain.

Our agency opened the doors of its terrace to Metalmobil for the “Breakfast with Andrea Anastasio e Philippe Nigro”. A very pleasant morning spent with the worldwide known designers Andrea Anastasio and Philippe Nigro, to discover their new collections designed for the leading brand in public seats and to highlight the brand’s concept of hospitality and sharing.

In this occasion we worked to ensure a high attention within the press and architecture world, organizing an informal event deepen studied in every detail in order to deliver a coherent format. From the invitation to the catering and the styling, every aspect reflected the brand’s innovative concept of contemporary living and hospitality.


A project by Metalmobil
Designed by Andrea Anastasio and Philippe Nigro
Photo credits: Giulia Torra
Styling: Martina Sanzarello
Catering: Drink & Taste – Andrea Vigna
PR&Communication Strategic Footprints