La DoubleJ X Salviati Collection


“When I visited Murano’s glass museum with Salviati my eyes popped out: I knew we had to reproduce these magnificent antique glasses.”

 J.J. Martin, La DoubleJ’s founder and creative director 


La DoubleJ and Salviati presented a collection of six tipetti – glasses with ornamental stems – re-editions of pieces produced by the historic Muranese company in the 19th century.
The project, part of the new La DoubleJ tableware series, was born from the encounter between La DoubleJ and Salviati and from the will to rediscover pieces of extraordinary quality, thanks to J.J. Martin’s unique attitude and style.
The collection is accompanied by carafes and wine glasses in opaque glass with a vivid color palette.
As part of the long-term strategy we conceived for Salviati – aimed also to explore the world of contemporary design and to create new synergies between the company’s expertise and excellent brands – we worked to raise awareness and visibility for the collaboration within the international design-oriented press.


A project by La DoubleJ and Salviati
Photo credits La DoubleJ and Alberto Zanetti
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