ETEL Milano inauguration


“When ETEL decided to open its European flagship in Milan, they wanted to reflect the palimpsest of the city today – a place enriched with tradition, innovation and style. “

 Erica Firpo, Wallpaper*


Founded 30 years ago by Etel Carmona, ETEL is the main producer of Brazilian furniture in the world, ranging from re-editions of iconic mid-century modern pieces – based on a strict methodology, faithfulness to the originals, and intensive collaboration with the institutes and families that represent the designers – to remarkable contemporary creations.
The company decided to open its first European space in Milan relying on our support to inaugurate not just another showroom, but a place that could become a reference point for Brazilian culture. We worked to establish visibility of ETEL and its mission among all types of Italian and European media and professionals, highlighting the role of the brand as true spokesperson for Brazilian design. We organized a successful opening event, involving the most important design-oriented Italian press, initiating a series of appointments at ETEL Milano where to discover the most interesting intersections between Brazilian creative disciplines.


A project by ETEL
Pieces from ETEL Collection
Artwork by Vèio, Galeria Estação
Interiors by Superluna
Photo credits Filippo BamberghiAndrés Otero/Luzphoto
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