A Familiar Place by Pretziada


“A Familiar Place is our attempt at time-travel. With the simple act of offering a piece of bread, we invite the viewer into our own world. A world made of foreign concepts and ideas, but based entirely on the notion of our shared humanity.”

– Kyre Chenven and Ivano Atzori, Pretziada


As landmark for the design world, during the Milano Design Week, the rooftop of Strategic Footprint’s headquarter uses to host a new special project every year. Following a deep research between the most interesting independent brands around the world, Martina Gamboni invited the Sardinian-Californian duo Pretziada to create a site specific installation that represented the Sardinian corner in Milan. The design duo focuses its work on the research and development of the Sardinian traditional craftsmanship, involving local artisans and international designers and architects to bring this authenticity to the rest of the world. “A Familiar Place”, designed by Kyre Chenven ad Ivano Atzori, focused on the theme of the purity of human relationships seen as hospitality and the concept of humanity based on the interaction and mutual respect of different worlds.


Design by Pretziada
Project management Strategic Footprints
PR&Communication Strategic Footprints
Photo credits Mattia Iotti