Cantiere Galli Design

“I have always wanted to have a space where a sense of welcome, care and design culture, as well as ‘custom’ services, could be the real protagonists.” Eleonora Galli


Places linked to distribution have always been considered static and not very innovative. Starting from the customer’s desire to create not only a sales environment but a place of relationships, Strategic Footprints developed a unique concept that combines cultural and commercial aspects at the same time.

An important scouting of design partners with unique products and “Una Stanza per sé” project, curated by Domitilla Dardi, are the two main ingredients that make Cantiere Galli Design the first Interior Design Center in Rome, that fills a big gap in the field of professional distribution and consulting for the world of design.

The visual identity project by Marcello Pirovano alongside with an important communication plan, developed by Strategic Footprints, made it possible to promote this special project to the target audience.


“Una Stanza per sé” projects, edition 2017:

Beata Solitudo, Giuseppe Arezzi

Cristina Celestino, Proiezioni

Ordine Gigante, Gam Fratesi


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