25 years of Tonelli

“The Transparent Factory is the title of the volume celebrating 25 years of Tonelli design. This special presentation box collecting thoughts and images is a tribute to glass, through a visual journey designed by Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi, who are the interpreters of the company’s avant-garde approach. We have strongly desired this editorial project to communicate how, after more than 25 years of activity, our company is still ready for new challenges and experimentation with glass, always having an eye on the district and the company life”. – Michele Gasperini, Art director Tonelli design


What is the best way for a company to celebrate an important anniversary? An editorial project is certainly a good choice, especially when it does not only exalt the business but rather it tells a story. In this case it is a story of glass: a resistant, ecological and fascinating material worked by Tonelli design since over 30 years.

Graphic designers Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi realized 8 books that narrate without filters what have led the company to become a point of reference for the glass design sector.


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